Tips On Creating Your Personalised Advert

To get the best results out of your EZI-impact product it is important to create, print and display your personalised advert prior to using the unit.

Please click on the link Personalised Advert Template Examples and FREE Downloads on the relevant product page and follow these ezi instructions.

Step 1: Download your relevant FREE personalised advert template

Step 2: Create your own advert which can include the following key points:

A hook in line to capture the customers attention
Your company name
Your company or individual logo (cut and paste or insert option)
A relevant photo if required (cut and paste or insert option)
Key words or bullet points to describe your services or products that you offer

Other information:

Keep all information relevant and to the point
You can change both adverts on the template page to give you two copies when you print
Try different adverts to see which ones work best for you
Change the adverts to coincide with any specials, offers or events that you are promoting

Step 3: Check your print settings are set for the print finish you require and then print your advert

Step 4: Cut the dotted lines accurately around your advert to give you the best fit within your self-laminated sleeve. The cut out advert will be slightly smaller than the laminate to allow for a small adhesive edge which helps keep the sleeve weather resistant

Step 5: Open the pouch of the self-laminate sleeve and centre your personalised advert face down on the clear non-adhesive side.

Peel away the liner and seal firmly with a straight edge, so to ensure a smooth wrinkle free finish
Repositionable up to 24 hours. Reseal if necessary – to remove air bubbles or wrinkles
For weather proofing, apply heat to your sealed laminate with a hairdryer. Or alternatively, you can get your personalised advert heat laminated at your local stationery store, which will ensure complete weather proofing.

Step 6: Place your laminated advert into the advert sleeve of your EZI-impact product after 48 hours, to allow the seal to work correctly on the laminate before using outside.

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