People regularly comment on having seen our vehicles on the road and in carparks. Now when they do they can get our contact details easily without having to find that ever elusive pen.

David Johnson
Installer Services

No where else can I gain the kind of exposure that parking up my vehicle with the Cardvertizer attached gets, and for such a modest sum. Everytime I park up in the street the cards just get taken, no hassle, no fuss, they just get taken.

Peter Worger
Property House

My Cardvertizer was a gift from my daughter-in-law. I have found it complements the signwriting on my car and many people take my business card because it is more convenient than writing down details. It is a great form of advertising for my Mobile Pedicure business.

Mira Raskovic
Mobile Pedicure
(09) 828 6203

Cardvertizer featured in this copy of MLM.

Everyone talks about the importance of business cards however most people never really hand enough out to get the most out of them. The Cardvertizer is a fantastic product that puts your business cards and your car to work for you wherever you go. If you already have signage on your vehicle then you’ll be missing out on a ton of business by not having this product. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to introduce such a simple and effective marketing tool to our readership.

Vince Madden, Managing Director, MLM Magazine

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