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The cornerstone of the Cardvertizer range, our unique Bizcardholder weather-resistant business cardholder now comes with a similar hanger attachment as the original Cardvertizer which allows the Bizcardholder unit to be secured to a vehicle’s window in the same manner.

The quality window hanger is available in the colour black. (Should you have a particular colour preference call us and we will see what can be sourced at the time.)

This unit will appeal to those with vehicles with limited visibility i.e. two door vehicles and to those with a limited budget for marketing.

The Bizcardholder is the perfect stepping stone for your marketing campaign – it allows you to upgrade to a Cardvertizer and further promote your business once the concept proves successful.

The new and improved Bizcardholder has been designed around the following features and benefits:

Bizcardholder Recommended Retail Price $49.90Benefits:

  • Expose your business 24/7 – anywhere
  • Goes to work even when you’re not
  • Just park and let it work for you
  • Generate new leads with ease
  • Utilises existing business/promotional cards
  • Make your website work for you – direct potential customers to it via your cards
  • Provides a quick return on your investment
  • A unique cost-effective marketing solution
  • Biz-cardholder-01
    Totally weather-resistant

    Be one step ahead of the competition

  • Save on printing costs – no pamphlets required
  • Capture more potential customers
  • Versatile for exposing your business


  • Totally weather-resistant
  • Spring-loaded self-closing lid
  • Biz-cardholder-02
    Spring-loaded self-closing lid

    Holds up to 50 business/promotional cards

  • Ease of access to business/promotional cards
  • Tough UV resistant materials
  • Non-intrusive slim-line design
  • Securely attaches to most cars and vans with ease
  • Pivoting hook to fit most vehicles, which gives added security
  • Suction cups for secure mounting
  • Dimensions: Width – 103mm / Depth – 40.33mm / Height – 67.50mm
Attached to a window using the supplied suction cups

Get the Best Out Of Your Bizcardholder:

  • Maximise the potential of the Bizcardholder by putting one on each side of your vehicle to capture more leads.
  • Great client incentive PR giveaway
  • Utilise outside at trade shows and promotional activities
  • Incorporate with your own advertising signs, trailers etc
  • Ideal for attaching to Real Estate signs etc
  • Ask new customers how they got to hear about your business? Was it through the Bizcardholder!
  • Biz-cardholder-04
    Comes with suction cups and double-sided squares

    Monitor how many cards have been taken within a set period of time (daily/weekly).

Further Information:

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Have New or Existing Outdoor Signage?

The Bizcardholder – Business Card Marketing for Outside Signage

Now the Bizcardholder is available separate from the vehicle window hanger – a perfect partner to your outdoor signage!

Bizcardholder sold separately without hanger is available for just $34.90

This is the perfect option for those of you with fixed or relocatable signage (such as Real Estate Agents) to make your business cards available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Attaching a weather resistant Bizcardholder to your large format signs puts your business cards to work even while you are not and gives potential clients the opportunity to take away your details even if they don’t have a pen handy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making it as easy as possible for people to make contact with you and the Bizcardholder is one of the best ways to do that.

Bizcardholder available without hangerContact Us Today with Your Requirements.

Purchase a Cardvertizer product from these Places...

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