Installation Of Your Cardvertizer

Installation Of Your Cardvertizer

1. Print off your personalised advert and seal inside the self-laminate following these ezi instructions.

  • Open the pouch and centre your personalised advert face down on the clear non-adhesive side
  • Peel away the liner and seal firmly with a straight edge, so to ensure a smooth wrinkle free finish
  • Repositionable up to 24 hours. Reseal if necessary – to remove air bubbles or wrinkles
  • For weather proofing, apply heat to your sealed laminate with a hairdryer. Or alternatively, you can get your personalised advert heat laminated at your local stationery store, which will ensure complete weather proofing.

2. Place your laminated advert into the advert sleeve of your Cardvertizer after 48 hours, to allow the seal to work correctly on the laminate before using outside.

Attaching Your Cardvertizer:

  • Step 1: Place business cards into the cardholder and your personalised advert into the advert holder
  • Step 2: Slightly lower the side window of your vehicle
  • Step 3: Hook hanger over the glass (centred on window)
  • Step 4: Completely close the window so the hanger is secured between the glass and frame
  • Step 5: Level your Cardvertizer by sight and then push suction cups firmly onto the glass
  • Step 6: Check your Cardvertizer is secure and in the correct position

For sliding windows eg. vans:

  • Step 1: Place business cards into the cardholder and your personalised advert into the advert holder
  • Step 2: Slide the window open
  • Step 3: Insert the top of the black pivoting hook into the top of the window channel in the position you want the Cardvertizer to be attached
  • Step 4: While ensuring the black pivoting hook is pushed up into the window channel slowly slide the window closed
  • Step 5: Level your Cardvertizer by sight and then push the bottom suction cups firmly onto the clean glass

Removing Your Cardvertizer:

  • Step 1: Slightly lower the side back window of your vehicle
  • Step 2: Slide the Cardvertizer upwards to release it from the suction cups and the hanger from the top of the glass. Do not try to remove by pulling the Cardvertizer directly away from the window, as this may result in damaging the unit.
  • Step 3: Lift the tabs on the suction cups to release them from the glass and slide them back into the Cardvertizer slots

For sliding windows eg. vans:

  • Step 1: Carefully remove both suction cups by breaking the suction seal with your finger(nail) and holding the suction cups off the glass for the next step
  • Step 2: While holding the Cardvertizer firmly up into the top window channel, slide the window open to then release the black pivoting hook from the window channel
  • Step 3: Once the Cardvertizer has been removed from the window channel you can close the sliding window

Care Of Your Cardvertizer:

To keep your Cardvertizer looking in great condition, wash it as required with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Never use abrasive cleaners or solvents as these may scratch the surface.

General Information:

– Regularly check that your Cardvertizer is still securely attached to the window
– Always remove your Cardvertizer if taking your car through an automatic car wash


  1. The design and concept of the Cardvertizer is to promote your business and business cards while your vehicle is stationary. Even when the vehicle is stationary, never fully lower the window as this will result in the Cardvertizer becoming detached from the window, and therefore, could result in damaging the Cardvertizer. Even though the Cardvertizer can remain on your vehicle while it is moving, EZI-impact Ltd (NZ) is not liable for any damage that may be caused to the Cardvertizer or to any other property if the following instructions are not followed:
    (i)    Do not lower the window on which the Cardvertizer is attached while the vehicle is moving, as this may cause the Cardvertizer to detach from the window.
    (ii)  Ensure the Cardvertizer is always securely attached to the window. This is achieved by:
    –  the mounting hanger being hooked over the window with the window holding it firmly into the window channel
    –  both suction cups are attached to the (clean) window with full suction
  2. The liability of EZI-impact Ltd (NZ) whether in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any defect in or non-compliance of the Cardvertizer or any other breach of EZI-impact Ltd’s obligations or howsoever arising shall not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to the replacement value of the product

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