Cardvertizer Marketing Opportunity #1

Real Estate Agents – Where are your cars parked?

Have you ever wondered how many people go past an open home but don’t come in?

Do you have your contact details readily available for them to take as they pass by? (more…)

Cardvertizer Marketing Opportunity #2

Tradesmen & Installers – Is it safe for the public to walk up to you?

Have your services ever been requested by a passer-by or neighbour? Do you have your contact details readily available for them to take as they pass by or do they need… (more…)

Cardvertizer Marketing Opportunity #3

Cardvertizer Marketing Opportunity for Party Planners

Book more parties and get information out to more prospective recruits with the Cardvertizer.

There are lots of people walking around who used to buy your products… (more…)

Biz-vertizer Marketing Opportunity #1

Loyalty Cards – Do your customers see and take them?

So you’ve gone to the trouble of producing Loyalty Cards that keep your customers coming back to get their free offer – a proven concept – if they’re promoted and taken.

With two models, Impact & Compact, the Biz-vertizer is the perfect solution to display your businesses Loyalty Cards prominently.

The beauty of the Biz-vertizer is its interchangeable advertising space that complements, enhances and promotes your loyalty offer and its versatility allows it to be used in a number of situations both inside and out.

The covered card holder keeps your Loyalty Cards looking their best and shelters them from the elements, kids and overzealous cleaners.

Attach it to a glass display case or stand it on your counter using the fittings provided or fasten it to a wall or post – you name it, the Biz-vertizer is up for the challenge.

Get a Biz-vertizer today!


Biz-vertizer Perfect for Loyalty Cards
Are your Loyalty Cards on Prominent & Continuous Display?


Biz-vertizer Marketing Opportunity #2

Be Back Soon…

Does your storefront have the benefit of good foot traffic?

What about once you close your door for the night (or for lunch for that matter)?

We have two Biz-vertizer models that are perfect for making your business cards or loyalty cards available to people passing your business premises at any time of the day or night.

Put yourself in their shoes, wouldn’t it be so much easier to reach out and take a card than to stop and look for a pen and paper – if you have any, and you know that there’s no way you will remember that phone number or email.

You can’t always be available when people want you, but at least you can make sure your contact details are.

Get one of our Biz-vertizer 24 Hr marketing products today and make sure you give people every opportunity to buy from you!

With a Biz-vertizer you don't need to be sorry you're closed
With a Biz-vertizer you don’t need to be sorry you’re closed.

Biz-vertizer Marketing Opportunity #3

Rent Out Your Wall Space…

Can you think of other (non competing) businesses that would benefit from having access to your customers?

If you have a busy store with some available space, why not put it to good use by renting it out to businesses that complement your own product and/or services?

Either of our Biz-vertizer models would be perfect for providing a unique advertising space and contact details within your store.

Whether it be weekly, monthly or annually, the rate you charge for this advertising space will see the Biz-vertizer(s) quickly paying for themselves and then go on to generate additional revenue for your business.

Advertising Space For Rent
Advertising Space For Rent

This opportunity is limited only by your imagination…

Take full advantage of your opportunities
Take full advantage of your opportunities.

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