Cardvertizer Marketing Opportunity #1

Real Estate Agents – Where are your cars parked?

Have you ever wondered how many people go past an open home but don’t come in?

Do you have your contact details readily available for them to take as they pass by?

Is your car sign written and promoting your services 24Hrs a day – while you are at the supermarket, in a consultation or simply at a friend’s place?

With a Cardvertizer attached to your window(s) your car is working with you wherever it is parked – whether it is sign written or not.

The simple fact that a Cardvertizer device is attached to your side window, pricks people’s interest – most have to take a closer look and are more inclined to take a business card rather than find a pen & paper to write down your details.

Are your business cards available to everyone while you’re not around?

Get a Cardvertizer today!

Budget Real Estate uses Cardvertizer Successfully
How do Potential Clients get Your Contact Details?
Budget Real Estate Cardvertizer Example
Budget Real Estate Cardvertizer Example

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Business Opportunity