Biz-vertizer Marketing Opportunity #2

Be Back Soon…

Does your storefront have the benefit of good foot traffic?

What about once you close your door for the night (or for lunch for that matter)?

We have two Biz-vertizer models that are perfect for making your business cards or loyalty cards available to people passing your business premises at any time of the day or night.

Put yourself in their shoes, wouldn’t it be so much easier to reach out and take a card than to stop and look for a pen and paper – if you have any, and you know that there’s no way you will remember that phone number or email.

You can’t always be available when people want you, but at least you can make sure your contact details are.

Get one of our Biz-vertizer 24 Hr marketing products today and make sure you give people every opportunity to buy from you!

With a Biz-vertizer you don't need to be sorry you're closed
With a Biz-vertizer you don’t need to be sorry you’re closed.

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