Biz-vertizer Marketing Opportunity #1

Loyalty Cards – Do your customers see and take them?

So you’ve gone to the trouble of producing Loyalty Cards that keep your customers coming back to get their free offer – a proven concept – if they’re promoted and taken.

With two models, Impact & Compact, the Biz-vertizer is the perfect solution to display your businesses Loyalty Cards prominently.

The beauty of the Biz-vertizer is its interchangeable advertising space that complements, enhances and promotes your loyalty offer and its versatility allows it to be used in a number of situations both inside and out.

The covered card holder keeps your Loyalty Cards looking their best and shelters them from the elements, kids and overzealous cleaners.

Attach it to a glass display case or stand it on your counter using the fittings provided or fasten it to a wall or post – you name it, the Biz-vertizer is up for the challenge.

Get a Biz-vertizer today!


Biz-vertizer Perfect for Loyalty Cards
Are your Loyalty Cards on Prominent & Continuous Display?


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